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2002 Supplement - Connecticut Standards of Title

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The 2002 Supplement includes the revised Chapter 13, “Title Through Decedents’ Estates,” effective December 11, 2001:

  • Standard 13.1Devolution of Title to Testate and Intestate Real Estate—Need to Probate
  • Standard 13.2When the Probating of an Intestate Estate May Not Be Required to Establish Marketability of Title of the Decedent's Real Property Which Has Devolved to the Decedent's Heirs
  •  Standard 13.3When the Completion of Administration of a Testate Estate May Not Be Required to Establish Marketability of Title
  • Standard 13.4When the Possibility of Defeasance of the Title of Heirs or Devisees May Be Considered Too Remote to Affect Marketability of Title
  • Standard 13.5Effect of a Probate Court Ordered Sale of Real Estate upon a Prior Sale or Mortgage by an Heir or Devisee
  • Standard 13.6Authority of an Executor or Administrator to Convey Real Property, Title to Which Was Acquired Subsequent to the Fiduciary's Appointment
  • Standard 13.7Devolution of the Title to a Mortgage and the Mortgaged Land Upon the Death of Mortgagee or Mortgagor
  • Standard 13.8Reopening of Probated Estates Not Required for After-Discovered Real Estate or to Correct Errors in Describing Either the Property or the Decedent's Interest Therein
  • Standard 13.9Effect of Death of Plaintiff or Defendant upon Ante-Mortem Attachments and Judgment Liens
  • Standard 13.10The Statutory Validation of Certain Defective Probate Sales of Real Property by an Executor or Administrator

This supplement is 7-hole punched to fit in your Standards of Title binder.

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CBA Standing Committee on Standards of Title
Publication Year: 2002
Size: 8.5 in. x 11 in.