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2009 Supplement - Connecticut Standards of Title

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The 2009 Supplement includes:


The new Standard 18.8 from Chapter 18, "Releases of Mortgages, Assignment of Rents, Lis Pendens and Financing Statements":

  • Standard 18.8 Validation of a Release of Mortgage on a One- to Four-Family Property Executed by a Person Who is Not the Record Holder

The new Standard 19.1 from Chapter 19, "Foreclosure of Mortgages and Liens":

  • Standard 19.1 The Nature and Scope of a Lis Pendens in a Foreclosure Action

The revised Chapter 27, "Bankruptcy":

  • Editor's Note
  • Standard 27.1 The Commencement of the Bankruptcy Case
  • Standard 27.2 The Estate
  • Standard 27.3 Automatic Stay of Acts Affecting Property
  • Standard 27.4 Relief From the Automatic Stay
  • Standard 27.5 Abandonment of Property of the Estate
  • Standard 27.6 Sale of Property of the Estate
  • Standard 27.7 Postpetition Transfers After Filing of an Involuntary Petition
  • Standard 27.8 Postpetition Transfers After Filing of a Voluntary Petition
  • Standard 27.9 Avoidance of Transfers for Less Than a Reasonably Equivalent Value (Fraudulent Transfers)
  • Standard 27.10 Avoidance by the Trustee of Pre-Petition Transfers of the Debtor Which are Preferences
  • Standard 27.11 Avoidance of Liens by Order of Court After Determination of Secured Status of an Allowed Claim
  • Standard 27.12 Avoidance of Liens by the Trustee Pursuant to § 544(a) (The "Strong Arm Clause")
  • Standard 27.13 The Importance of Recording in the Public Land Records Orders of the Bankruptcy Court Affecting Title to Real Property
  • Standard 27.14 Effect of Bankruptcy on Title Derived Through a Foreclosure

The new Chapter 29, "Tax Collector Sales”:

  • Standard 29.1 Effect of Tax Collector’s Deed Given Pursuant to Sale Occurring After July 6, 1995
  • Standard 29.2 Effect of Tax Collector’s Deed Given Pursuant to Sale Occurring Before July 6, 1995
  • Standard 29.3 Effect of a Tax Collector’s Deed on a Federal Tax Lien
  • Standard 29.4 Effect of Redemption in a Tax Collector Sale

The new Chapter 30, "Common Interest Communities":

  • Standard 30.1 Unit Descriptions
  • Standard 30.2 When Errors or Omissions in Allocated Interests Do Not Affect Marketability
  • Standard 30.3 Limited Common Elements
  • Standard 30.4 Title to Development Rights and to Units Created After Original Development Rights Expired
  • Standard 30.5 Effect of Failure to Record Restated Declaration
  • Standard 30.6 Circumstances Under Which Failure to Record a Waiver of a Right of First Refusal in Favor of the Common Interest Community Associated Will Not Impair Marketability of Title to a Unit
  • Standard 30.7 Effect on Title to Planned Community Unit of Declarant’s Failure to Convey Common Elements to Association