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Dues Schedule

Earliest date of admission to any bar Annual dues

Discounted dues for

  • full-time judges
  • legal services
  • government employees
  • law school faculty
6/1/2020 - 6/30/2021
$0 $0
6/1/2019 - 5/31/2020
$140 $110
7/1/2018 - 5/31/2019
$195 $160
7/1/2015 - 6/30/2018
$230 $180
Prior to 6/30/2015 $280 $220
75 years or older in 2020
(Born before 7/1/1945)
$125 $95
*Out-of-state $160 Not Applicable
J.D. candidate law student/paralegal student Waived Waived
CBA Associate (non-attorney) $85 $67
*Currently neither office nor residence in Connecticut


Amount of new member's dues payable in year of membership application (this does not include section dues):

  • July through January: 100% of annual dues
  • January - March: Contact Member Services
  • April through June: 100% of annual dues for upcoming bar year (May through June will be included in membership for free. Membership will expire on June 30th of the following year).

Membership must be renewed each year. If dues are not paid, you will lose access to your CBA account and benefits. Any member, who is not in default of dues payment, may submit notice of resignation to the CBA.


Students and those first admitted to the bar between 6/1/2020 - 6/30/2021 may join up to 3 sections for free for the remainder of the bar year. Contact our Members Service Center to take advantage of this offer.


The following are a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding membership to the Connecticut Bar Association.
If you have any additional questions regarding membership, please contact our Member Service Center at (844)469-2221 or


Q: What is the CBA's fiscal year?
A: The CBA's fiscal year is July 1 - June 30th each year. 

Q: When are my membership dues due?
A: Membership dues are due on or before July 1st.

Q: How are my membership dues calculated?
A: Your membership dues are calculated as shown above.

Q: Can I pay my membership dues in installments?
A: Yes, Attorney members have the option to pay their membership dues in monthly installment payments.