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Connecticut Lawyer Magazine - February/March 2016
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Feb 2016/March 2016   Volume 26/Number 5


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History Comes Alive
By Ruth Nadeau Dwyer
Read how the legacy of Tapping Reeve, founder of the Litchfield Law School and namesake of the CBA’s legal education award, lives on in the present day.

A Guide to the 2016 Legislative Session
By Bill Chapman
Learn more about what’s happening during this year’s legislative session and how you can get involved.
Check out what our legislative liaisons with a special interview with Chris McCormack of the Environmental Law Section

Three Connecticut Law-Trained Journalists during the Civil War
By Hon. Henry S. Cohn
This article chronicles three noteworthy residents of Connecticut who were Civil War journalists employed at one time by the Hartford Evening Press—Joseph R. Hawley, Charles Dudley Warner, and Henry Wing. Each had unique experiences that add to our picture of the newspaper man during the war. In addition, each had legal training, but infrequently attended court before the war, and never did after. The article concludes with a brief summary of the three journalists' post-civil war career.

Celebrate with the Stars Award Winner Profiles

The CBA will present its annual awards at “Celebrate with the Stars” on April 14 to the stars of our legal community who shine the brightest. Read about the professional accomplishments that earned the award recipients their recognition through allegiance, dedication, conscientious service, commitment, and mentorship.

2015’s Top Ten Second Circuit Decisions
By James I. Glasser and David Roth

Learn about the last year’s most interesting Second Circuit decisions involving criminal and civil cases emanating from the District of Connecticut.


President’s Message
Random Reflections on the Fundamental Values of the Connecticut Bar Association
Part III

By William H. Clendenen, Jr.

A Message from the Executive Director

Be a Part of Our Tradition

By Douglas S. Brown

Time to Go Pro Bono

We Are Not Immune: Implicit Bias and Pro Bono Work

By Karen DeMeola
Take a Harvard Implicit Bias Test

Building Your Practice

Are Your Prepared for the Public Side of a Reputation-Threatening Lawsuit?

By Andrea Obston

Supreme Deliberations


By Charles D. Ray and Matthew A. Weiner

Young Lawyers

Protecting Life While Protecting Rights - Today's Young Lawyers Will Lead the Way in the Era of Terrorism
By Matthew Necci



Court Decisions
Highlights from Recent Superior Court Decisions

News & Events
Peers & Cheers
In Memoriam

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